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Smart Partner Knows Grateful Patient Programs

As a health care development professional, you don’t have to look far when searching for new prospective donors. They are right under your nose, passing through your hospital each and every day. They are your patients, your most vital component to the success of your hospital and your fundraising. However, implementing and maintaining a grateful patient program can be a daunting task. Privacy laws, administration approval, and getting doctors on board are all elements of a grateful patient program that must be addressed. But what will the actual program look like? How will you handle your data? Schedule mailings and contact patients? Evaluate your results? Smart Partner’s knowledge of grateful patient programs will guide you to best practices that produce results and build a pipeline for mid and major donors.

We manage your patient data from wealth screening to suppression and appending. Whether you care for 50,000 or 500,000 patients each year, Smart Partner makes it easy to keep track of your patients and their donating propensity. We also create and evaluate integrated multi-channel campaigns that include direct mail, e-mail, mobile, and web. As compared to traditional segmented campaigns, a targeted and carefully timed series of multi-channel campaigns can increase your donor response rate by 80%.

Quality care is the beginning of a positive relationship with your patients, now give them an opportunity to show their gratitude. Contact us today to find out how you can begin to grow your grateful patient campaign into a lifelong asset to your hospital.