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Give Your Campaign the Edge with Recruiting Connect® Tracking

Imagine a tool that would allow you to see who is visiting your website, how often they visit, and what specific pages they are looking at. Recruiting Connect® Tracking provides Smart Partner’s clients with data and reports that show exactly that, thus creating an advantage for follow up and further marketing efforts. Useful for health care recruiting, development, and countless other marketing campaigns, Recruiting Connect® allows you to see inside your campaign as you’ve never been able to before.

Used in conjunction with a landing page, web page or print document, Recruiting Connect® is a software solution that captures tracking information about potential recruits, donors, or customers and compiles this information in a useful, easy to read report, pictured below in a screen shot. Personalized URL’s, or PURLS, direct your target to your website, enabling you to track their activity. Detailed reports give you the inside look at potential recruit, donor, or customer behavior, which allows you to market to them with confidence.

Recruiting Connect compiles hits on your website in an easy to read report:






An individual target report shows pages visited within a website:





Contact us to see how you can add this valuable tool to your future campaigns.