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Posts from the ‘Successful Campaigns’ Category

Physician Recruitment Case Study

Physician Recruitment for Sports Medicine/Ortho Surgery, Radiology generalists and sub-specialists, Transplant Surgery and Pediatric Adolescent Medicine.

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Put Social Media to Work for Recruitment

Since its conception, social media has served many purposes for millions of people. We use it to stay connected, share our feelings, and learn about new products. Now more than ever, social media can be used to recruit the right person for your next physician opening.

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Stand out from the crowd – and save!

Use Smart Partner’s efficient and streamlined two-way self-mailer to get noticed and increase donations to your institution’s foundation. See a 40% savings as compared to your past letter campaigns. With access to the most modern technology and equipment, Smart Partner can greatly reduce your production costs and provide you with more appealing letters. This two-way self-mailer is only one example of our highly effective and professional mailing pieces. The features of this design are: high quality materials and professional appearance, full color and variable messaging on both sides, increased response rates with built in reply card and envelope, and fewer material requirements.

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Give Your Campaign the Edge with Recruiting Connect® Tracking

Imagine a tool that would allow you to see who is visiting your website, how often they visit, and what specific pages they are looking at. Recruiting Connect® Tracking provides Smart Partner’s clients with data and reports that show exactly that, thus creating an advantage for follow up and further marketing efforts. Useful for health care recruiting, development, and countless other marketing campaigns, Recruiting Connect® allows you to see inside your campaign as you’ve never been able to before.

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Smart Partner Knows Grateful Patient Programs

As a health care development professional, you don’t have to look far when searching for new prospective donors. They are right under your nose, passing through your hospital each and every day. They are your patients, your most vital component to the success of your hospital and your fundraising. However, implementing and maintaining a grateful patient program can be a daunting task. Read more