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Tracking Recruitment Campaigns (get social)

There are so many tools for tracking web sites, email campaigns and social media. But, which ones are the best for you? Depending on the recruitment campaign, as well as your social media involvement, here are a few options…

Google Analytics (formerly Urchin) is a fantastic real time tracking tool for any web site. Just sign up for a google account, copy and paste the code into your site and there you have it.

As far as email marketing, typically the provider you use the send out the e-blast has good reporting info on opens, delivered, undelivered and spam. That’s about all you need, right?

What about engaging the potential customer after the fact?

Sprout Social is quite the nice little tool for doing just that. By organizing all your companies’ social networks in one place, it touts the discovery of new, highly targeted customers based on a criteria you enter into the interface. The dashboard will show you activity within all your networks and from these feeds gives you a breakdown of customer Engagement and Influence. Engagement is really about starting a conversation so if you mention someone or something and starting a thread (conversation), which gets you a higher score. Then there’s Influence. This rating is based on you following new people and growing your audience. What makes Sprout different is the “Discovery” tab. And that means discovery of new / potential customers. It does this by allowing you to search via Keyword, People, Business and even suggests finding people on Twitter based on the content of your tweets. All of this comes with a good tracking dashboard to keep up with all your networks and update your status.

Hootsuite is also pretty slick. It does all the tracking and social network stuff that Sprout does, scans the “Discovery” of new followers (customers). Hootsuite’s ability to create and deploy posts is a bit more advanced. This is a nice to have in one place for sure. I had a bit of difficulty generating tracking reports using their dashboard, but it came around after I was signed up for a week.

All in all, these are both ideal for any social media campaign or day to day up-keep.

If you’re looking to integrate social media into your next campaign, contact us today.