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Healthcare Solutions

Smart Partner is unique because we have trained healthcare professionals on staff and involved in all our healthcare projects. We not only look at our clients challenges from a direct marketing perspective but from a provider aspect as well. We are experts at solving healthcare marketing, operations and communications challenges.

  • Service Line & Facility Openings Marketing
    Smart Partner has years of experience solving service line marketing challenges for healthcare organizations through direct marketing strategies and developing successful tactics to ensure new facility openings are successful through direct strategies and tactics. Click below to see some examples of our successful programs.

    Smart Partner will help solve your healthcare marketing challenges through unique direct marketing campaigns targeted specifically to the right demographic. Whatever the business challenge is Smart Partner is the right choice to help you meet your business goals.

    The first two examples showcase our solutions for a specific product with the goal to increase new patient base and educate the target audience on services. Both campaigns produced successful results due to our strategic planning, tactical execution and our in-house production including our list compiling services unmatched by any competitor working in the direct marketing space. The third example is a sleeve that held educational DVD’s for patients to take home with them to help with their recovery.

  • Physician Referral Development Marketing
    Building strong referral relationships with the right referring physicians is the key to successful growth and meeting financial goals. At Smart Partner we have developed strategic direct marketing programs that have proven to be successful and have helped to build strong referral relationships with the right referring physician. Click here to see examples of some of our direct marketing tactics.
  • Doc Profit
    If your organizational leaders are asking how can our new physicians meet their profitability point faster? Then you need to call Smart Partner today to find out more about DocProfits. DocProfits is an innovative business building model that ensures new physicians meet their financial goals faster than your organization is currently able to execute. Read more >
  • Physician Recruitment
    Attracting top Physician and Medical Professional is all about strategic targeting. At Smart Partner, we develop customized recruitment marketing campaigns based on the unique needs of each clients’ search criteria. Smart Partner’s years of proven success comes from our ability to combine the right targeted list with the right marketing tactics, applying our proprietary tracking capabilities and leverage the correct tactics for our clients’ specific needs. We handle strategy, list development/procurement, creative, digital, print, final fulfillment and ROI tracking/reporting all under one roof