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Direct Mail & Email Services

There are so many options in email and direct mailing campaigns. Being informed and prepared is critical to ensuring your campaign is cost-effective and successful.
The quality of email and mailing lists can vary greatly. We evaluate data and data compilers and know the best lists.

Smart Partner recognizes the challenges in today’s email marketing arena: increased demand for art and science, fierce competition, impermeable firewalls, and relentless deletion of emails that are illegible or irrelevant. Smart Partner addresses these issues by careful evaluation and design to assure delivery and impact.

Direct mail costs will vary depending on class, mailing quantity, mailing piece size, weight, and shape. Smart Partner is a recognized business partner with the United States Postal Service. Members of our team continuously stay up-to-date on changing postal regulations and take pride in our vast knowledge of USPS specifications. We work hand in hand with the USPS, preparing all mail pieces, prior to delivery to the post office, in order to take advantage of any possible postal discounts. Regular USPS updates reduce costly mail errors such as undeliverable pieces and our software ensures the best possible postal rates.

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