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Higher Education Development

Smart Partner’s strategic alumni development programs increase awareness and lead to donations

University and College foundations have long targeted alumni for their giving potential.

However, our integrated, multi-channel Alumni Giving Program clearly takes this strategy to a whole new level.

We know the challenge is in the coordination and implementation. There is no doubt that regular Alumni Giving Programs pay dividends and create a pipeline of both mid and major donors, but our program fine tunes the strategy, messaging, contact lists and communication calendar to improve these results.

A key to our success includes careful coordination of “table setting” and “gift solicitation” messaging and timing.

We know the timing of the solicitation communication is critical. The bottom line is this: Even a simple alumni program will pay dividends. When the effort is put forth into an accomplished, well-planned and well-timed strategic manner, the results increase dramatically.  Our Response rate is typically fifty percent greater using our series of two targeted mailings than those receiving a single, segmented ask letter.

In addition to growing donor support, our program builds ongoing, solid relationships between foundations, their alumni and their families.

We use secure data transfer systems that are privacy protected when working with all our clients. We have had great success with our results driven marketing strategies for fundraising that are increasing the number of alumni and organization stakeholders who become donors.

Our program also makes use of personalized communication from key leaders as well as coordinated, rotating messages according to organizational priorities.

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