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We Know Membership Acquisition

Let Smart Partner grow your membership base

We can help your organization grow new memberships. Whether you are just starting a targeted membership acquisition program or if your current strategy needs to be refreshed we can help.

Our goal is to make you successful.

Smart Partner has over 25 years of membership acquisition experience working with non-profit organizations.

We have a proven track-record with multi-tiered, multiple message membership programs.

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 Here’s how it works:

Step One:  We create a new member acquisition plan based on your desired member profile

Step Two: We develop targeted lists of potential members based on the ideal member profile. We have the resources to develop a very  targeted list of potential members who meet your ideal member profile. We have thousands of national data base resources we work with

Step three: We create a two-tiered direct mail campaign driving potential members to customized landing pages about the organization and membership drive

Step Four: We track web page activity and supply your team with the names and contact information of the potential new members who visited the landing pages for personalized follow up

Step Five: Your organization contacts the people who are already prime candidates for membership, and more importantly, have taken that step to seek out the information you are offering, which shows they are interested

Step Six: You realize your goal of an increased membership base!

Let’s start a conversation.  Call today or click on the e-mail link below: