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We have pulled together some of our samples into the collections below. If you would like to see further examples of work we have produced, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.


Health Care Recruitment Post Cards:

Health Care Recruitment Postcards

Post cards for physician and nurse recruitment done for Geisinger Health System, Ohio State Medical Center, UMass Memorial, Scott & White, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, and Munroe Regional Medical Center. All post cards feature variable printing, and professional, attractive graphic design. Each post card was sent to a list of specifically targeted recipients for each respective campaign and personalized URL’s were also included in most designs. Those pieces with PURL’s were then tracked by Recruiting Connect® tracking software.

Health Care DVD mailerHealth Care Recruitment DVD Pocket Fold Brochure:
Created for Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery at Geisinger Medical Center. Features full color images of surrounding area and DVD on the health system, physician benefits, and contact information.


Development Pieces for Higher Education:
Designed for Bloomsburg University, these pieces integrate a multilevel approach to development campaigns. The piece to the far left is an appeal letter for BU’s Henry Carver Fund, and features variable printing, professional design, and a perforated donor card with customized gift array. Thank you post cards were sent to donors of the Kozloff Research Scholarship as well as the Henry Carver Fund, both with variable printing. The advantages of using a postcard to thank donors are cost savings in printing, production, and postage, as compared to traditional thank you letters. In addition, they allow for more visual messaging and can feel more personal.


Development Variable letterhead for Health Care:
Features design, messaging, and list target for a Grateful Patient Program. These pieces were designed for use with #10 window envelope and business reply envelope. The key feature of this design is its cost effectiveness, due to its customizable template. Geisinger Health System used it in four development campaigns targeting past and present patients of oncology, women’s health, cardiology, and pediatric, orthopedic, and neurological nursing. We have the ability to add a variable gift array that is based on individual donor history and can increase donation amounts. This design also features a unique barcode that can be variably printed to identify individuals as donations come in.

Two-way Self-Mailer for Health Care and Higher Education:
With access to the most modern technology and equipment, Smart Partner can greatly reduce your production costs and provide you with more appealing letters. This two-way self-mailer is only one example of our highly effective and professional mailing pieces. With the use of our self-mailer, not only will you stand out from the competition, but you can also expect to see a 40% savings as compared to your past letter mailings. The features of this design are: high quality materials and professional appearance, full color and variable messaging on both sides, increased response rates with built in reply card and envelope, and fewer material requirements.

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Here are some examples of our video work:

Physician Recruitment Intimate Story Telling – Gold medal award at national Services Industry Marketing Competition

Foundation – patient testimonial #1 project

Foundation – patient testimonial #2 project

Healthcare Service Line TV Spot #1

Healthcare Service Line TV Spot #2

Geisinger Pink Glove – Pink Glove Campaign