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“Doc Profit”: A model for successfully onboarding new physicians and ensuring they reach their internal business goals

Ensuring New Physician Profitability Through Proven Marketing Communications Strategies

If your organizational leaders are asking how can our new physicians meet their profitability point faster? Then you need to call Smart Partner today to find out more about DocProfits. DocProfits is an innovative business building model that ensures new physicians meet their financial goals faster than your organization is currently able to execute.

Our proven strategies will ensure new physicians reach their financial goals faster and with proven business building strategies so they are successful and hitting their assigned benchmarks . Our tactics will ensure new physicians are generating enough business to hit their profitability goals.

How do we ensure success?

We develop and execute customized targeted marketing strategies to grow their business both internally and externally. Our successful model is designed to set up new providers for success regardless of the size of the healthcare organization they work for. Our customizable campaigns are designed to ensure the new provider reaches their financial goals as quickly as possible.

Who should use DocProfit strategies?

  • Healthcare organizations who are focused on meeting financial, patient satisfaction and work flow goals
  • Healthcare organizations who are focused on measuring onboarding process success, identifying internal road blocks causing ongoing issues such as access to care and scheduling challenges
  • New physicians who want to better understand how to be successful at building their business both internally and externally
  • New physicians who want to know what are their potential roadblocks to success

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