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Strategic Marketing & Communications

Marketing Communication Challenge – Our client needed to communicate to a rural population within a township in north central Pennsylvania that the main community hospital was acquired by them. The message was to ensure the consumers/patients that their community hospital’s mission, excellent service and patient care wasn’t changing, only the name of the facility would change.

Strategy – Develop a direct marketing campaign communicating the message in a unique way to ensure the target population received the communication about change in name but not in service, providing contact information for questions and answers and ensure that everyone received the communication.

Tactics – Smart Partner pulled the list of the targeted population, developed a direct mail postcard and developed a door hanger with a magnet attached which had the contact phone number to call for more information. The door hanger was hung on doors of homes in key communities within the targeted area.

ResultsThe direct mail piece was sent to addresses of residents within the target area and the team at Smart Partner hung the door hangers on homes within key communities within the target area to ensure the message was received. The comments from the residents were overwhelmingly positive.