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Direct Mail Stands Out in a Digital World

In today’s digital world, it may be easy for physician recruiters to overlook the impact that direct mail can have on their search. Now more than ever, direct mail is an effective way to reach your target, especially when part of a cross channel campaign. While doctors are being bombarded with emails and social media that may not all be relevant to the recipient, a tangible piece of direct mail can be a welcome change of pace.


Although social media can be an effective tool to attract candidates, it provides a broad pool of people who may not have the exact qualifications you’re looking for. Direct mail is tailored to only those you need to target, ensuring you will receive the most qualified candidates for every position you need to fill. A well designed direct mail piece sent to a highly targeted list of recipients will bring far better results than social media or email alone.

Direct mail can work with new technology to maximize results. Adding personalized URLs (PURLs) to a direct mail piece can instantly increase a candidate’s interest in your open position. PURLs, which can be tailored for each specific individual, direct candidates to customizable webpages that fit their interests and qualifications. When carefully designed and sent to only the right recipients, direct mail will make you stand out in an ocean of digital information.

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