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Get Noticed with Smart Partner’s Two-way Self-Mailer

With nearly 1 billion pieces of mail processed annually, how can your organizaton stand out? They key is to use a unique, attractive, and professional mail piece that will attract your target’s attention and increase the rate of response. Smart Partner’s two-way self-mailer offers all of these features and more:




  • Full color on both sides
  • Variable messaging on both sides
  • Makes responses easier — letter, donor card, and return envelope all in one piece
  • Environmentally friendly — less paper required
  • 40% savings as compared to past letter campaigns

With access to the most modern technology and equipment, Smart Partner can greatly reduce your production costs and provide you with more appealing letters through the use of their two-way self-mailer. Useful for development, recruitment, and general business correspondence, this design will make you stand out and save! Contact us today to find out how.